When and where you can watch Celebration and Friendship Concerts

Celebration Concerts and Friendship Concerts will form part of the exciting lineup of the World Choir Games. Here's all the information on what they are and where they will be.


Celebration Concerts are ticketed events where some of the World Choir Games' best choirs from different countries are united and present a wide range of high-profile international choral music. These concerts will be held at two of the official World Choir Games venues: the University of Pretoria Aula Theatre and the NG Kerk Universiteitsoord.


Friendship Concerts are free performances in city squares, public, parks, streets or malls. Both local and international choirs bring their music to the host city, its residents and visitors. The choirs present parts of their repertoire in a relaxing atmosphere and have the opportunity to meet and sing for watch other offside competitive stress.